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Nut-cracking is a necessary process to achieve the separation of the nut core from its shell, aiming at the commercial exploitation of the kernel. Our company has state-of-the-art facilities and uses high-tech nut-cracking machines, meeting all EU standards and directives. The nuts we process include almonds, hazelnuts, shelled pistachios (a.k.a. Aegina pistachios), Arabian peanuts, the pits of stone-fruits (such as apricot) and any shelled seed, from which we want to extract the kernel. We offer services to producers/farmers, wholesalers, retailers, food companies and any other professional who trades nuts within Greece or abroad and is looking for excellent products in terms of quality and safety.

Standardization – Sorting

Sorting is a necessary post-cracking process that removes faulty products, foreign material or shell fragments from the processing line’s product stream. Following carefully established procedures, our experienced staff ensures the highest product quality. Also, standardization allows us to divide our marketable products into different groups based on the quality standards they uphold. Thus; after defining their requirements and specifications, our customers are sure to receive final products that meet all their needs.

packing box


Product packaging is of utmost importance and we make sure that it meets all hygiene requirements imposed by safety regulations and directives. Nuts and nut-based products are known for their high nutritional value but are also very sensitive when exposed to high temperatures or sunlight. Therefore, our company uses high-quality packaging materials officially certified as suitable for food contact. The latter are environmentally-friendly, since environmental protection is our priority and zero-carbon-footprint our ultimate goal. Our packaging varies from large wholesale packages for traders and food companies to HORECA-type and retail-ready packaging. We also use various packaging methodologies, ranging from simple Sealing methods to Modified Atmosphere Packaging using nitrogen and Vacuum Packaging.

Private label products

‘Private label’ means that retailers can create a packaging of their choice, under their own brand name, controlling all product specs. In our company, you can either package and brand your own products or ask us to package our products under your brand name. We provide graphic design services, as we can design your product’s label or entire package, ensure that all labelling laws are followed and provide all the support and know-how you need to create a private label. Our partners are highly qualified and experienced and their work will definitely satisfy all your needs.

printed packages
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Organic products

Having received Organic Certification, our company processes organic products and nuts and has been at the side of organic farmers since 2022. We process, standardize and package organic nuts for producers, wholesalers, retailers and food companies.

Consulting services

Polydendros Company was founded after identifying the market’s need for agricultural businesses characterized by consistency, food safety, transparency and extroversion. Having the necessary experience, know-how, academic background and the right partners, we can offer consulting services regarding farming, agricultural development and investments in the agri-food sector. Aiming at the overall development of our country, we want to highlight the potential of all Greek regions, which has been discredited over the last decades.