With its roots in Homer’s Iliad, our brand name ‘Polydendros’ refers to Mount Olympus. The foot of this mountain is where we started our journey, aiming at bringing Greek walnuts and other nuts to every corner of the world and proving that they really stand out, due to their high quality and unique taste.

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The mutual trust between us and nut producers and our wish to contribute to our homeland’s sustainable development allow us to move forward and work hard, adding value to our products. Therefore, the latter are included among the highest quality agricultural products.

We aspire to build stable, strong partnerships with Greek producers and all our customers, grounded in mutual respect and trust, so as to achieve the steady growth and development of all parties involved.

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If you are a Producer, you can trust our company with your organic products for processing and packaging. If you are interested in buying nuts, you are sure to find certified organic Greek nuts of high quality. Our company complies with all EU regulations and directives regarding organic food processing and handling.